Why we are doing this

Why are we doing this?

We believe we can make a difference together.

Jeengle’s backbone is firmly grounded in the following principles:

• To help to humanity and the planet we live on

• To make giving easy

• To change the charitable landscape for good

Jeengle passes on

100% of all donations

Because we want you to do the most good.

Jeengle believes that by making giving easy, people will give more.

Let’s look at some math

According to Giving USA 2019: The Annual Report on Philanthropy, the total charitable giving by individuals in the United States was $292.09 Billion. After dividing that number by the total number of Americans in the workforce, 155.76 million, the average American gives $1,875.26 per year.

Based on the median American salary of $61,937 per year, the total giving as a percentage of total income is 3.0%.

Of course, we’re making assumptions with this math. Clearly some Americans give significantly more and others don’t give at all. Additionally, there are likely many Americans that aren’t in the workforce that still give to charity.

That being said, our figures are able to give us a rough starting point to see how Jeengle can create change.

A small shift can make a big difference

What if Jeengle was able to increase the average American’s giving by only 0.03% of their median income by simply making giving easier? We ran the numbers, and guess what?

YOU could make a $2.9 billion difference for humanity.

(Yes. We have big goals.)

Just a 0.03% increase in charitable giving could have a


impact on humanity!

Do some good.  It’s easy.

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