The Breakdown

Let’s look at how Jeengle is dividing up the pie.

Step 1. We look at how Americans give

Umbrella categories

Umbrella categories are overarching divisions of charitable giving that cover a wide range of concepts, programs or missions. Jeengle’s umbrella categories are based on statistics culled from the Giving USA 2019: The Annual Report on Philanthropy. According to the report, the breakdown of giving by Americans was as follows:


Step 2. We apply our methodology

Because Jeengle is a giving gateway for a broad spectrum of donors, our selection methodology eliminates categories with a more specific focus: Religion, Education, Foundations and Individuals. See our methodology for more information on our selection process.

The Jeengle umbrella categories:


Step 3. We identify where your dollar can do the most good

Jeengleā€™s charity selection committee vets qualified organizations that align with each Jeengle umbrella category. That gives donors an opportunity to give to multiple organizations with a single donation!

Human Services

  • Housing, poverty and hunger
  • Disaster preparedness and relief
  • Youth development


  • Diseases and disorders
  • Wellness and support

Public-Society Benefit

  • Civil rights and advocacy
  • Public and societal benefit
  • Veterans and military

International Affairs

  • Humanitarian affairs
  • Development

Arts, Culture & Humanities

  • Humanities

Environment & Animals

  • Preservation, protection and conservation

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