Patrick Thornham


Patrick Thornham


A Denver native, Patrick has spent the majority of his career in education. After working as a technology specialist at UPS in the 90s, Patrick received his teaching license. From there he taught 4th and 5th grade at Denver Public Schools, the same district where he was educated. During his 17-year tenure with Denver Public Schools, Patrick spearheaded STEM labs in two schools.

Patrick currently works for zyBooks as a Marketing Manager promoting web-native, interactive text book replacements.

Patrick received his BA in History from Colorado State University, and loves the fact that he gets to visit his alma mater as a part of his current work.

Patrick loves to spend time with his family playing games, cooking, hiking and traveling.

More about Patrick

If you were a super hero, what would your power be?

To make a plate of ribs have the same nutritional profile as a bowl of spinach.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about you?

I can catch a flying grape in my mouth thrown from a great distance.

If you weren’t doing what you do today, what other job would have you done?

Something with data visualization – I love well-made graphics that help people understand complicated information.

What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today?

Don’t make a habit of criticizing others.