Join the Jeengle team

Jeengle is dedicated to a culture of giving, empathy and people – and we stand by our APPLE values:


Jeengle is highly motivated by the most authentic version of anything – be it a person, an organization or statement. The nonprofit sector is an industry that’s grounded on the idea of transparency – and ultimately, authenticity. We feel lucky to be a part of a world where authenticity and honesty is just the status quo.


Whatever you do, do it well, do it with gusto and do it with passion. We’re passionate about the world we serve. We’re passionate about aid and help and kindness. We’re passionate about fixing our own mistakes (preferably quickly!) and we’re passionate about tacos. If we bringing something to the table, regardless of the table – we believe in bringing it with passion.


We believe in people – and the goodness of people. All of them! We believe in bringing your best self to the day and we inherently believe you do too! We stand by a mission of diversity and inclusion for all people. Jeengle is in this for humanity – for you, for her, for him, for that one over there – for humanity.


We believe in the power of laughter. Laughter heals and helps things get done.

Easy Breezy:

We’re not doing rocket science over here, we’re giving money away to some amazing organizations. So, we think that makes our gig a pretty good one! As an organization, we keep a firm grasp on the fact that what we do should bring joy. And if it doesn’t – then it’s not right.


If you’re interested in being part of the Jeengle team, please send an introductory email to telling us a bit about yourself and why you’d like to work with Jeengle.