The Evolution Of Jeengle: From A Mutual Fund to a Giving Gateway

Did you know Jeengle was inspired by the financial industry?

Jeengle’s concept was tinkered up at a kitchen table over breakfast in 2007. Two members of Jeengle’s board, Charlie and Grace Willhoit, like to say that their laziness made way for a new idea.

After having attended an event the night before, Charlie and Grace woke up wanting to make more of an impact with their dollars. They wanted the opportunity to give once – yet touch a greater reach of humanity than what was just in their “backyard”. Charlie and Grace looked online for the opportunity – and instead – they were faced with too much research, too much skepticism and too much work. Just like all of us, Charlie and Grace wanted something easy. They wanted an opportunity to cover all of their charitable bases.

Because of Charlie’s financial background, he was curious if there could be an opportunity for a nonprofit organization that could operate much like a mutual fund. An organization that could do the heavy lifting and vet qualified and efficient charities for donors to “invest in”. It seemed like there was a gap in the industry where there could be an opportunity for donors to give once – yet touch all of humanity.

Fast forward to 2018, Jeengle evolved from its original mutual fund concept into a giving gateway.

Charlie and Grace’s core idea still stands strong, however. Per its original conception, Jeengle continues today as an organization that makes it easy for donors to do the most good.

Let’s do some good!