Happy Amazon Prime Day! Use AmazonSmile To Support The Spectrum Of Causes!

A Stanford, MIT and Carnegie Mellon research study from 2007 studied the brains of participants while shopping for clothes. The study ultimately showed that the nucleus ambens, also known as the “rewards circuit” of the brain, benefited from shopping. In fact, the more any given participant wanted the item – the more the nucleus ambens lit up.

After the study showed the participants the price of the clothing, the brain’s medial prefrontal cortex and the insula went to work. The medial prefrontal cortex helped make the decision and the insula, which actually helps identify pain, decided how much the purchase was going to hurt.

In simpler terms, your brain is having an internal argument with the pleasure of a new purchase and the discomfort that the purchase is ultimately going to have on the shopper’s bank account.  The brain is instantly compiling an internal pro-con list and spitting out an answer.  The less the brain has to fight with the pain of an expensive item – the easier the decision is. In fact, the better the bargain, the more the media prefrontal cortex lit up. The brain seems to ultimately enjoy the comparison process – and especially if the comparison strongly benefitted the participant.

In conclusion,  the brain likes a bargain. I mean, who can blame ‘em, right?

Cue AmazonSmile and Amazon Prime Day. The best day to give your brain a bargain!

AmazonSmile is Amazon’s nonprofit arm that donates .5% of all purchases to registered nonprofits. AmazonSmile is a website with the same products, prices and shopping features as Amazon.com. It’s a way for Amazon shoppers to donate to their favorite nonprofit organization while shopping!

What does it cost the shopper? Nothing.

What’s the catch? Nadda.

Too good to be true? Yeah. Kinda.

Simply add Jeengle to your AmazonSmile account at smile.amazon.com and support 20 charities that cover the spectrum of causes while shopping #AmazonPrimeDay great bargains (and receiving a brain boost, to boot!). Or, simply shop directly from Jeengle’s registered link.

Happy shopping! Let’s do some good!