Do Some Good By Chowing Down This July Fourth!

Potato salad? Check. Watermelon? Also check. Burgers and hotdogs? Check and check! (We’re hungry. Is it just us?)

With the Fourth of July looming – most Americans have visions of food on the mind. Sure, sparklers, stars and stripes are running around in there too. But, according to the facts, food ultimately wins out as the preferred pastime to celebrate America’s independence.

It’s widely reported that more than 74 million Americans are planning a barbecue to celebrate the July Fourth holiday. Specifically, according to the National Sausage and Hot Dog Council (yup, that’s a thing!), Americans will eat 150 million hot dogs to celebrate the day. And according to CNBC, Americans will spend $388 million on hamburgers, $133 million on buns and $37 million on ketchup – on July Fourth alone!

Did you know that all of that chowing down is actually doing some good? You can take a second to rest easy while you’re enjoying your food coma this year.

The Kraft Heinz Company is responsible for more than 200 brands. Specifically, however, a few red, white and blue party-appropriate brands include Oscar Mayer, Heinz Ketchup and Kraft Barbeque Sauce. The Kraft Heinz Company is doing their part to give back by putting in place thoughtful corporate social responsibly that community involvement programs and initiatives. What really stuck out to Jeengle, however, is the fact that The Kraft Heinz Company supports two of Jeengle’s highly-vetted organizations: Feeding America and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

So, what are they doing that’s so awesome? Let’s dig in …

Through their partnerships, The Kraft Heinz Company and Feeding America have rolled out the National Produce Program. The importance of the program has grown so rapidly that within the last few years, fresh produce has risen to the top as the number one category of food that Feeding America distributes. The Feeding America National Produce Program delivers an average of two million pounds of fresh produce each week. Furthermore, the Feeding America network of food banksdistributes an average of 8 million pounds of fresh produce weekly.

Additionally, The Kraft Heinz Company and Boys and Girls Clubs of America partnered together to accomplish their goal of serving one billion meals by 2020. The partnership is helping to ensure every member of Boys and Girls Clubs of America has access to free, healthy and well-balanced meals or snacks every day.

As two of the organizations that 100% of your donation supports when you give to Jeengle,  Feeding America and Boys and Girls Clubs of America will be especially top-of-mind this July Fourth as we’re celebrating (with food, of course!).

If you’re celebrating with someone you care about – enjoy it! If you’re celebrating grill-side – enjoy it! If you’re taking a day to yourself to binge-watch Netflix – enjoy it!

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate America’s Independence, Jeengle wishes you a safe and happy holiday! As always, let’s do some good!