Change Will Always Make Big Noise!

Jeengle’s name evolved from envisioning the sound that loose change makes in a pocket. A jingling or clinking noise. We believe that change will always make big noise.

At Jeengle, we’re in the business of celebrating noisy change – and the people that are making it happen. We’re here to share some stories about how your support and donations created some serious change last month. High fives!

This month we’re taking a quick deep dive on how access to sustainable financial stability is changing the world, how food and shoes are helping the post-Hurricane Michael devastation and how Army Sergeant Anson Curry, along with his wife and family, are rehabilitating post-combat brain injury – together, as a unit that collectively served the United States.

Financial Inclusion.

Accion is building a world where every individual has access to high-quality and affordable financial services. In turn, the organization is quite literally changing lives by enhancing how communities, small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve financial stability that is sustainable. Nasreen Taj is a recent recipient of Accion’s mission.Nasreen is one of the 3 (only THREE!) in 10 business owners in India that has been lucky enough to access formal funding. Nasreen’s story is a picture of what the entrepreneurial spirit can accomplish with access to proper business tools. Nasreen has taken her garment business from simple tops to high-end and highly-profitable textiles, like saris.

According to Accion,“So many entrepreneurs have been left out because, in the past, it’s taken too long and cost too much for lenders to reach them. Accion is working with Artoo to change that and give India’s small businesses the same tools that helped Nasreen thrive. Artoo provides lenders throughout India with a quick, inexpensive, and successful way to work with entrepreneurs. Rather than demand paper documentation or multiple trips to a brick-and-mortar office, Artoo is automated, remote, and convenient. The loan officer completes the entire loan via a tablet computer for Nasreen, allowing her a faster loan decision, less anxiety, and more time for her business and family.With the time and money she has been able to invest in her business, Nasreen has expanded her range to include higher-end textiles, like saris. Regular customers come to Nasreen’s home to buy her colorful, expertly sewn garments. But acquiring new customers is still a challenge — she has to drive around and sell the items from her vehicle. With more funding in the future, Nasreen hopes to open her own shop so that she can reach new customers more efficiently and her business can continue to grow.”

Hurricane + Disaster Relief.

Hurricane Michael was the most powerful storm on record to hit the Gulf Coast, and just weeks after those communities were hit by Hurricane Florence. Hurricane Michael made landfall last month on October 10. Just shy of Category 5 strength, Hurricane Michael ravaged parts of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas and Virginia.Feeding America and Soles4Souls are using their individual models to provide food and clothing to victims of the tragedy.

According to Feeding America, Feeding America is channeling resources from food banks and donors across the country to impacted communities while also helping people on the ground responding to the disaster. We have shipped 7.5 million pounds of food water, and emergency supplies to food banks affected by recent disasters, including 1.6 million pounds for Hurricane Michael and 5.9 million pounds for Hurricane Florence. Last week, we traveled to Florida and Georgia to assess storm damage and provide support to food banks.”

Soles4Souls is working with retailers, manufacturers and donors to help provide relief by donating shoes and clothing to alleviate an immediate crucial needs within the Gulf Coast community. Soles4Souls provide a full downloadable list of the most requested items here.

Never Forget.

Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes where military and veterans families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the hospital. Army Sergeant Anson Curry served 15 months in Iraq, and a second combat tour in Afghanistan as an infantry soldier. While serving, a grenade exploded in his bunker leaving the 25-year old sergeant with severe and permanent brain injuries. Fisher House Foundation provided a home away from home for Anson and his family, including his wife Minie, to live while he endured nearly a year of care.

“I told God that if he let Anson live, that I would be there to take care of him.  So I owe God.  And I thank God every day,” said Minie. “But as determined as I was to be there for Anson, I just don’t know how I would have done that without the Fisher House.  I would have let both Anson and God down.  I am so thankful for my beautiful home at Palo Alto. So thankful for Fisher House.”